The Little Cuties Hockey Club is Hosting a Tournament Here in Portland, Oregon

Published by Kevin on

We are uh… Hosting a tournament. We attend a lot of hockey tournaments throughout North America and figured, “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to pass out in our own bathtubs, urinate in our own beds, and vomit in our own streets for once”? The deets are: March 27th-29th, $1199 per team, we are accepting individual signups for teams to be formed before the end of the year,  four co-ed divisions and two women’s divisions.

So start growing your ironic mustaches, cram into those skinny jeans, and practice your “I played in the Little Cuties hockey tournament before it was cool” speech.

In all seriousness we like Portland, we want people to come to Portland, and we like hockey. By hosting a tournament we can bring the hockey community of Portland together as well as bring in some teams throughout the world and just have an amazing time. We hope to see you there.

You can find more details here.


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