About The Little Cuties

The Short Version
The Little Cuties Hockey Club was established in 2015 in Portland, OR as a travel tournament team. The organization is composed largely of its farm system, “The Mighty Drunks” who play in Division 2 at Winterhawks Skating Center, along with several members throughout the country. We drink beer and win cups.

The Long Version
At the tail end of 2015, “The Godfather” decided to put together a tournament team for the 2015 Wintershootout in Sherwood, OR. Wearing our league team jersey but playing under the team name, “The Riverside Rawdogs” we won the tournament going 3-1. The idea of blending our league team with other players seemed to work out but most importantly we all enjoyed drinking together, we decided to take the show on the road in 2016.

First up in 2016 was the Heads Up Hockey tournament in Spokane, WA. Playing as “The Mighty Drunks” they went 3-0 winning their division and finishing 2nd overall. The Heads Up Hockey tournament uses aggregate scoring across all divisions with tiebreakers being penalty minutes and sportsmanship scores assigned by the referees, we finished second because “Coast Guard” is a thug. More importantly, we took over a piano bar and turned it into a Karaoke bar, being reminded multiple times that “Jon Flow” can’t say “fuck” while singing “Benny and the Jets”.

While in Spokane the idea was brought up by “Bambi” to rebrand the team name for tournaments with the team name being “The Little Cuties” as kind of the ultimate chirp, there is nothing worse than getting beat by a team named “The Little Cuties” especially when they are wearing creamsicle-colored jerseys. The idea was seeded.

We played two more tournaments in 2016, Checking for Charity in Beaverton, OR where we came out victorious winning thousands of dollars for our charity of choice The Pixie Project. And the one that had the most significance, the King of the Ice tournament in Medford, OR where we learned midway through a physical first period of the championship game that we would win our entry fee back if we won. “Holy shit, this is for actual money” was the official quote when we found that out. We held on with 9 players to win but more importantly, we had the money to buy our “Little Cuties” jerseys and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then we have competed in numerous other tournaments including playing in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Nashville, and Banff. Some players have moved away from Portland but still, meet up with us for tournaments and we have even added people to our team from other parts of the country. Our friendships have endured over the years and more people have been added to the family.

We drink beer and win cups.