Tournament Rules


All players must be at least the minimum age of 18 years old by the first day of the tournament.

Skill Categories

Teams will be placed in separate skill divisions based on team roster forms. These are expected to be filled out honestly to ensure proper divisional parity. If the tournament director feels like a player has not been properly represented and is sandbagging, they can be removed from the tournament.


A- Advanced
B- Intermediate+
C- Novice

Lower Intermediate/Novice

Standings Tiebreakers

1-Head to Head
2- Goal Differential
3- Least Goals Against
4- Least Amount of Penalties
5- Most Goals For


If a team does not show up for their scheduled game, they will lose 3-0. Any team that does not show up for a game in the round-robin portion of the tournament will not be allowed to play in the Championship game.

Game Length

Warm-up: 3 Minutes
Period Length: 17 Minute Run Time, if the score is within 2 the last two minutes of the third convert to stop time. OT in the championship game will be run time except for the last minute.

There will be 1 minute between periods.


Ties in the round-robin will not have overtime or shootout. Ties in the championship game will have a five-minute sudden-death overtime before the shootout. The sudden death shootout will continue until there is a winner. Each team will select three shooters if the game is still tied after the three shooters teams will select a new shooter until there is a winner. Teams must go through the entire lineup (goalie and injured players are exempt) before repeating a shooter.


Minor penalties: 3 minutes
Major penalties: 7:30 minutes
Misconduct: 10 minutes

Fighting penalties will result in suspension from the tournament. Misconduct penalties will result in ejection from the current game and the next.

If a player receives four penalties in one game, they will be ejected from that game.


Tag-up offsides for all levels – In the case of a delayed offside, the attacking team will have the opportunity to tag-up, allowing plays to flow and keep the number of stoppages to a minimum.

Blue Line Icing for all games.

All face-offs (after a penalty has been issued and a team is shorthanded) will be conducted at the penalized team’s defensive end zone.

Players must wear full gear, including an approved helmet.

Substitute players are not allowed. Only players on the team roster may play in games. Goalies are the lone exception and can be substituted due to injury. Rosters will be frozen after the first game.

Each team will be allowed one time out per game.

Injury clock stoppage is at the discretion of the referees.

Any grievances should be brought to the attention of your team rep to relay to the tournament staff. If they are unable to help you themselves, the problem should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director

Tournament management reserves the right to suspend or remove players or teams from our rink that are not displaying the appropriate behavior and/or sportsmanship including the treatment of officials and staff.

No refunds will be granted for any games missed due to suspension.