Facts About The Little Cuties

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Current Roster

LCHC has 27 players on their roster. Once a player has played in multiple tournaments they are voted onto the team with a nickname.

Tournaments Played

We've played in 16 tournaments across the US and Canada, winning 10 of those with a 41-10-3 record.

Drinks Consumed



Look Fly

Workout Shirts

Hey Gonger, have you been getting absolutely walked in the barn, in front of your rocket? Sounds like you need to grind it out in the gym, boy. Get your filthy mitts on a Little Cuties’ Workout shirt. Fuck leg day, rockin’ a tarp like this, the only thing the slop tarts will be starin’ at is your fuckin Gun …

#2Ships Tournament T-Shirt

Limited Edition tournament t-shirt for the inaugural Little Cuties #2Ships Tournament. We are only doing one printing, maybe it will be a collector’s item, maybe your bf/gf will take off with it next time they sleepover, or maybe you will be using it to wax your car a year from now and totally regret ordering it. Let’s find out together!

Little Cuties Hockey Club Trucker Hat

Snapback hat will make you cooler than anyone in a disliked Canadian band that we can’t mention. (We were trying for a rhyming thing.)

Little Cuties Sweatshirt

Picture this, it’s a crisp autumn day. You are strolling along sipping your pumpkin spice latte, got your Uggs, and those leggings that are making that caboose hot AF. Perfect right? …not yet. Missing something major, a Little Cuties Hockey Club Sweatshirt. Go from basic to best. Your goal this Fall, Don’t be Basic, be a Boss. Order now!


The latest what nots

2020 LCHC ProAm

You are invited to the 2nd Annual Little Cuties Hockey Club Pro/Am (LCHC Pro/Am) to take place at Eastmoreland Golf Club on July 18th starting at 1 pm. This event is part of the Tailgate Read more…

We are headed to Las Vegas

We’d like to formally announce our acceptance of Candian Hockey Enterprises’ invitation to attend their Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas November 7th-10th. (We registered and paid to get in like everyone else. So it’s less Read more…

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Winterhawk Skating Center 9250 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005

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