What’s the deal with the nicknames?

No self-respecting beer league hockey player wants their name on the back of a jersey. When we were ordering jerseys we thought it would be funny, mostly to ourselves, to vote on what goes on the back of a teammates jersey. It became a way to bust someone’s balls or emotionally scar them for life.

How come not everyone has a nickname on your team?

The rule is you have to play in two tournaments in order to get your jersey with a nickname. Although this has been waived in certain circumstances.

Why are you selling shit? Do you think you are important or something?

We posted some pictures on Instagram after we got out first set of shirts and people said they would wear them. Any money we make from selling merchandise goes towards beer or to reduce the cost of tournament entry.

Can we sponsor you or give you some free stuff?

Please reach out to us via our contact form, we have casual moral attitudes and will do just about anything for the right price especially if we have drank enough.

Can I play on your team?

Do we know you? No, then probably not. Wait, how good are you? Kidding.

Our general rule is that people that played in the previous tournament get first dibs in playing in the next tournament. This has since been amended to previous “travel” tournament because of people living throughout the country. Currently, we have about a 25 person deep “player pool”.

The only exception is Jeremy Roenick, he has an open invitation. (He still won’t return our calls.)